Who we are

I.G.C. was founded in 1981 at Busto Garolfo, a few kilometres from Milan. I.G.C. has 7600 covered square metres and a further 12,000 uncovered square metres. It employs more than 30 people. The three areas of production – Cutting, Printing and Packaging, are all equipped with the latest advanced technology machinery. Alongside these areas is a Warehouse which is constantly monitored to guarantee the integrity of the products entrusted to us. The potential productive capacity is 2 million sachets per day.
A large number of our customers come from the Cosmetics sector, followed by Food, Dietary Supplements and Domestic Cleaning Products. Our market of reference is Italy but our target is global. I.G.C. is a solid company with an avant-guard technological structure and an enviable experience in the sector of single-portion sachets. The company can compete at the global level to conquer even the most demanding markets.