Single dose sachets

Content and destination of use are the parameters that determine the choice of the heat-sealed sachet. The variants are almost infinite thanks to the use of special die cutters which allow I.G.C. to make sachets that are shaped to the client’s request. As far as printing is concerned, we are equipped to obtain a perfect reproduction of the layout supplied by our clients.



From a minimum of 0,50 g/ml
to a maximum of 500 g/ml


Classic sachet

This is the standard heat-sealed sachet, the version that is most widely used in the market. Its dimensions are between 40×50 and 150×200 mm and it has a minimum content of 0,50 g/ml. It is suitable for liquid, cream, powder and granular products.

Classic sachet

Sachet for wipes or masks

This is used for the insertion of a folded wet wipe (detergent, deodorant, makeup remover, etc.) or a liquid filled TNT mask (non-woven fabric).

Bustina per fazzolettini o mascherine

Twin and multiple-part sachets

From two to five part sachets with heat-sealed perforations for separation by tearing. They may contain the same product or different products.

Sachet with cap

This is a multi-dose sachet with a patented cap that allows for taking out the desired quantity of the product and then closing the sachet in order to preserve the remaining content for later use.

Bustina con tappino

Shaped sachet

This is heat-sealed and die cut according to the requests of the client so as to produce unusual, imaginative and exclusive forms. It is suitable for liquid or cream products.

Stick Pack

This is a slender sachet, with a width of 25/30 mm and a maximum length of 140 mm. It is designed for containing drinkable liquids but also creams, pastes and many other products including granular ones. It can be made in Polyester/Aluminium/Polythene (PET/ALU/PE).

Stick Pack

Stand-up sachet

This is a sachet that stands up by itself. It is ideal for display in shop windows or on shop counters or for special events. It is suitable for containing liquids up to 500 ml.

Sachet with hole

The sachet with a Standard European Hole can be hung on a display or used in other ways.

Bustina con foro

Bipack and Tripack sachet with hole

The sachet with hole is also available in the Bipack and Tripack versions, for example to offer shampoo and conditioner together or two or three amounts of the same product.

Bustina con foro bipack

Sachet made of two materials

This version has its front in transparent Polyester/Polythene (PET/PE) and the back in coloured Polyester/Aluminium/Polythene (PET/ALU/PE)in order to make the contents of the sachet visible.

Bustina con due materiali