Green and classic materials

Along with our classic and reliable materials, our offer includes new green solutions providing the same quality and safety while reducing the environmental impact.


Polyester/Aluminium/Polythene (PET/ALU/PE)
Polyester/Aluminium/Polyester/Polythene (PET/ALU/PET/PE)
Polyester/Polythene (PET/PE)
Paper/Aluminium/Polythene (PAP/ALU/PE)

A sustainable choice

Produced with raw materials partially deriving from renewable sources of vegetable origin (LCA/Carbon Footprint)

Estimated BIO-based content of the organic portion: up to 77,1%

The BIO-based percentage can be calculated according to ASTM D6866 standards, certified and printed on the sachet

Designed to be recyclable

Made in polypropylene-based laminate monomaterial designed to be recyclable. Content high protection

Disposable in plastic-dedicated bins

PP marking and eligible for recyclable-material tax benefits