Full System service

The Full System service, or the made to measure system with its quality guarantee. It is a combination of experience, technology, skill and attention to detail. Thanks to this system I.G.C. can supply an impeccable final product.


1The bulk product supplied by the customer is taken in charge by our warehouse. The warehouse catalogues, codifies and stores it in the appropriate area that is under constant monitoring of temperature, light and humidity to maintain the product’s perfect integrity.

2Then the sachets are printed in the shapes and materials chosen by the client. The modern machinery used by I.G.C. allows for printing from 1 to 5 colours with an excellent reproduction of the graphic project in terms of sharpness, precision and colour. The printed material is then trimmed in the slitting and rewinding area.

3This is followed by the measurement and filling of the sachets which is carried out by highly automated machines that make the operation both fast and precise. I.G.C. has always been in the forefront of this stage of the process. It has 35 packaging machines with a potential productive capacity of 2 million sachets per day.

4Before the total filling of the lot I.G.C. carries out sampling tests and makes the results of these available to clients as well as to a laboratory to guarantee that there are no contaminants. Quality Controls are carried out at the end of production to test the strength under pressure, thickness, weight, the hermetic seal and the stability of the sachets.

5The final phase is that of packaging, after which the product is ready for consignment and placing on the market. The client can request further and personalised processing which I.G.C. is perfectly equipped to perform.